Fast Fashion

Fashion with a clear conscience

Slow fashion is not only an alternative to fast fashion. Slow fashion is an awareness, an attitude that all those involved in fashion can appropriate: the designers who comprehend using innovative, sustainable fibers as part of the execution of their designs. The manufacturers who commission small local factories to produce their goods and keep an eye on local working conditions. And last but not least the buyers who actively advocate less consumerism and more sustainable alternatives. Or who are willing to pay higher prices for clothing produced under humane working conditions and for fair wages.

The better way

There is already a large number of ways of getting hold of ethically justifiable fashion. Firstly, there are special labels producing sustainable and fair clothing. Secondly, there are numerous opportunities for buying fashion secondhand, swapping, repairing or redesigning clothes or using them in a different way. A selection of very different alternatives, initiatives and approaches are on show in the section of the exhibition entitled “Slow Fashion” and on our world-conscious fashion blog Stilbrise.